Reinstate Vridar

Here is a comment from Neil Godfrey concerning the removal of the Vridar blog on wordpress:

Joel Watts is now claiming he emailed me a warning notice.

I can assure everyone that I received absolutely no warning or take-down notice from either Joel Watts or WordPress prior to WordPress deactivating Vridar. None at all. I have asked WordPress to tell me when they sent me a warning notice and they do not reply. I have checked my spam email and there is nothing from either Joel or WordPress. Nothing.

I did ask WordPress for a copy of the take-down notice I was supposed to have received and they did send me that — and I showed that in my alerts to other sites — but there was no header to indicate when it was supposedly sent or to what email address. They have not replied to my requests to tell me when they supposedly sent me that notice.

I received no notice whatever. If Joel says he sent me email notices I ask him to show copies of the emails with send address and times.

Neil Godfrey



  1. It’s a little bit scary how compliant people can be sometimes. Here’s a response from member, raincoaster, to my initial forum post:

    “If the post violates copyright, of course the site is offline. Otherwise all of could get shut down.

    Do you see that part where it says “To contact us please see this support document”

    Well, please see that support document. Until the owner of the blog contacts staff through that link and no other, there won’t be any access, there won’t be any export, things will remain just as they are. If the owner contacts them and works it out with them, the blog could well be relaunched or exported, depending on the terms they work out between them and staff.”

    This person immediately sides with the powers trying to censor rather than trying to think of ways to open up communication. Notice in Neil’s comment that he has made attempts to contact wordpress, something this poster just assumed he did not do. First they come from the communists…

  2. timethief: ” The blog owner has a warning notice with a link that works at all times (even when the regular contact form is closed”

    Do these people read?

  3. Disgusting that wordpress yanked Neil’s blog. I don’t recall anything violating copyright infringement out of fair use. And they won’t respond to him and claim he didn’t use the contact link on his dashboard??? I have half a mind of sending a complaint via the ‘support’ page linked from his site but am concerned they might retaliate against by blog (at Blogger) and cause it to be removed.

  4. Joel Watts. Of course. A serious schloar. I suspect he’s complaining defamation over Neil’s description of the black-and-white photo at his (Joel’s) blog. The one with the head up the fundament.

    Joel isn’t exactly innocent in this department: I recall him calling Neil a name or two. Joel’s a believing Christian. Wouldn’t he be above this?

  5. I just found out the real reason — Neil copied and checked the links Joel used to support his contention that history IS a science. I stand corrected then. My apologies for the wrong assumption. Thanks!

  6. Golly Gosh- — I see a post here that quotes a comment of mine in full! That’s theft! I will have to ask Joel what process I use to get WordPress to shut down this page without warning and if the owner reinstates it we’ll have the whole blog deactivated! (tongue-in-cheek of course)

    That’s what happened to vridar.

    And there is no way I can talk with WordPress help or support staff to sort this out. I am cut off entirely from any access through the vridar blog and only have access to their legal team who are currently acting as bailiffs or lawyers on the advice of Joel’s sworn statement. If I have anything to discuss or disagree with anything in his statement I have to go through all the legal paperwork and forms and hope someone at the other end is doing something constructive with it. That’s it.

    Thanks for the support by the way — much appreciated.

    (Oh, and Joel was saying that that black and white photo was representative of mythicists — he’s a nice type, that Christian gentleman.)

    1. By all means, in the interests of protecting intellectual property rights, you should immediately file a DMCA takedown request! There’s really no other option open to you.

    2. Representative of mythicists, eh? It’s not the mythicists who are insisting they can find the Historical Jesus in the gospels! Maybe if they get their heads out of Myth Stories designed to convince and recruit people, and look in secular history instead. Unfortunately, the exact place where we’d find a detailed history of an HJ contains a gospel commercial instead.

      1. Ugh… I meant to say, ” if the Historicists got their heads out Myth Stories…”

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